A South Dakota Avenue woman was arrested Tuesday for taking money from a business where she worked in the 2800 block of Fulford Road, said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal.
Jennifer Woodell, 43, of South Dakota Avenue, accused of the theft of more than $5,200, was taken into custody and charged with felony theft, said Royal.
The case was first brought to light on Sept. 7 after business officials noticed a scheme was being perpetrated. Royal explained the scheme by citing an example: “someone would come in to buy five items that cost, maybe, $1,000 but the purchase would only be written up as a purchase of one dollar with the remainder of the proceeds being pocketed,” he said.
He said Ware Sheriff’s Cpl. Tony Youmans took the initial report on Sept. 7 and investigated, discovering that the theme had been perpetrated between March 8 and Aug. 27, said Royal.
“Invoices were being altered and extra money was being taken,” said Royal.
Woodell was arrested Tuesday. Royal said she is in the Ware County jail.