NAHUNTA — The teen mother of a 16-month-old girl who was murdered on Feb. 12, 2017 was sentenced to 30 years by Waycross Judicial Circuit Judge Jeffrey Kight in Brantley County Superior Court Tuesday morning.
Marley Rena Wilson, 19, charged with murder in the second degree, was sentenced to 30 years with 20 to be served in prison and 10 years to be probated. She pleaded guilty to second degree murder in October and had been scheduled to testify against James Paul Cutshall, 21, whose trial was to have started Tuesday. But he entered a guilty plea Friday and was sentenced to 20 years with 10 to be served.
Wilson and Cutshall were arrested Feb. 18, 2017 on murder charges. An autopsy revealed that Anniston Palmer Wilson died of blunt force trauma.
District Attorney George Barnhill said the sentence listed several special conditions limiting her ability to be around infants and children.
Barnhill said Tuesday that there were signs of abuse before the date of the child’s death and that her death was “preventable.”
Said Barnhill: “After a review of the complete investigations and autopsy report, the charges pleaded to by Wilson and Cutshall appear to appropriately address the act that occurred, the injuries suffered by the infant, Anniston, and each defendant’s participation.
“This is a particularly sad case of two very young people who were more concerned with themselves, drugs and video games than with the infant in their home and in their care. All of the signs of abuse, facial bruises, a twisted fractured leg, neglectful treatment were there to be seen, prior to Feb. 12, 2017. This was a preventable child’ death.”
Wilson and Cutshall were both originally charged and indicted with the February 2017 death of Wilson’s one-year-old daughter, Anniston Wilson.
An autopsy of Anniston revealed that her death was caused on Feb. 12, 2017, by severe blunt force trauma which severed her small intestine and pancreas and caused lacerations to her liver and left kidney.
Barnhill said Wilson previously pleaded guilty to the charge of murder in the second degree on Oct. 30, and reserved completion of the sentence until the trial of Cutshall.
As part of the conditions of that original guilty plea, Wilson agreed to testify as a witness for the state in Cutshall’s trial, said Barnhill.
“Initially, Cutshall had pleaded not guilty and demanded a jury trial, however with the jury trial approaching on May 21, Cutshall changed his plea to guilty on Friday to one count of voluntary manslaughter and to unrelated charges of interference with government property and possession of prohibited items by inmates,” said Barnhill. “Cutshall was sentenced to 20 years, being 10 years in prison followed by 10 years on probation.”
Assistant District Attorneys Adam Craft and Regan Cason had spent the greater part of one month preparing the case for trial the week of May 21 in Nahunta, Barnhill said.
Barnhill said he appreciates the hard work and long hours put into this case by Special Agent Niklaus Antczak of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the deputies and sheriff of Brantley County, and the hard work and dedication put into prosecuting this case by Assistant District Attorney Adam Craft.
Cutshall was represented by Jim McGee of Waycross and Wilson was represented by Bill Johnson, of Fernandina, and Allen Tucker, of Brunswick.