LeBrun said since the day of the arrest, rumors and reports detailing the threat have continued to spread through phone communications and social media.
He said he and other officials were made aware that on Friday students were circulating warnings along the lines of “Don’t go to school Monday; there is going to be trouble.”
LeBrun stressed this stems from the “very same threat” that was dealt with a week ago and that the person responsible is still in custody.
“Unfortunately, some of the information circulating is unfounded and inaccurate,” said LeBrun. “Ware County school administrators take every threat very seriously. School will be in session on Monday (May 2). Additional law enforcement will be present on campus as a precautionary measure. However, school will proceed on the standard bell schedule.”
The superintendent and all administrators are hopeful the issue can be put to rest and school can go on as is customary.
“The original threat was taken seriously and an investigation was quickly launched,” said LeBrun. An arrest was soon made, he said.
The Waycross Police Department, along with the Ware County Sheriff’s Department, investigated the incident on Friday, April 22, and made an arrest about 2:15 p.m. the same day in connection with the threat, LeBrun said.
“We made the parents aware of the situation by way of a (robo) call-out about 1 p.m. and a follow-up call was made about 2:30 p.m. that same day,” LeBrun said, “informing the parents that the threat-maker has been arrested.”