License cameras planned for Waycross

Devices in high-traffic areas help curtail other crimes, statistic show

Staff Writer
Georgia Power is lending a hand in fighting crime and Waycross Police Chief Tommy Cox wants his department to take advantage.
The utility is partnering with a company to offer digital cameras that can be placed on its power poles to photograph the license plates of cars. Cox told the Waycross Commission at last week’s information and planning session that his office can participate for about the price of a couple of citations written for a violation.
Cox informed commissioners the cameras mounted in patrol cars can cost between $35,000 and $40,000. These cameras, the chief explained, are used to photograph license plates in order to detect stolen vehicles, or those with a suspended registration, plates or no insurance.
No names are associated with any of the entries that result in any alert that is transmitted to a car’s computer equipment after photographing.

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