They are public hearings concerning the 2016 tax digest ant Fiscal Year 2017 budget tax millage rate.
The commissioners plan to keep the rate the same — 10.998 mills. This, however, will cause them to realize an anticipated tax increase of $10,510 over the 2015 digest.  This revenue is $2,006 too much, unless the city declares it to be a tax increase, even though they are not raising the rate. The hearings are, therefore, legally mandated.
This will be explained in the hearings Monday morning, and the public may comment.
The commissioners may formally set the millage rate in the meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m. They are also scheduled to vote on proposed bids for police car equipment and material for roof replacement at the water plant.
At 5 p.m. Monday, commissioners will meet for the planning and information session. They will then discuss the items on the Tuesday meeting agenda.
They will also discuss issues to take up with Ware County commissioners in an Oct. 5 joint meeting and hear reports from directors of the finance and IT departments, among other things.