“This has not happened in recent school history, marking this as a record-making season,” said a spokesman for the team.
The middle school cross country race increased in distance this year from one and a half to two miles.
“This may not seem like a big increase, but, according to Coach Dana Smith, the extra half mile addition played a big role in the endurance of the runners,” said the spokesman.
The team prepared for the new distance by committing to practice hard every day and growing their stamina and endurance.
“The girls decided at the beginning of the season that they wanted to win meets this year and even began dreaming of taking the first five scoring places. They set their sights high and went after their goals with excitement,” said Smith.
The Lady Bulldogs began the season winning a Pierce County Middle meet. The Lady Bulldogs were led by a terrific trio consisting of sixth grader Molly Smith, seventh grader Keeli Holloway and eighth grader Evie Brown.  The threesome would be joined by eighth grader Selina Ocadiz to be the top finishers for the Lady Bulldogs throughout the season.  Three of these leaders have competed for Smith in previous seasons, and she said she has enjoyed watching them “really come alive” this season.
The girls all pushed each other to improve not only in practice but also in each meet. A newcomer to the team, Molly Smith, set the bar high for the Lady Bulldogs by not only winning the first meet of the season, but she also took the prized first place individual in each meet this season, including the conference championship meet.
Throughout most of the season, the top five runners comprising the scoring for Waycross Middle finished within the top 13 runners.
Seventh grader Jenna Inman and sixth grader Logan Markette gave their best efforts on the course to often finish among the scorers.  The rest of the Lady Bulldogs team included eighth graders Kendra Moore, Rashe` O’Hara and Ilissa Roberson.
“All these ladies worked hard all season pushing each other to continually improve and strive for their goals,” said Smith. “It has been a delight to coach this great group of girls this year. They are such hard workers. I cannot wait to see what we will accomplish next year.”