A Waycross man reluctantly admitted Friday that he had been taken for more than $500 after receiving a phone call from a scam artist informing him he had won $750,000 in the Publisher’s Clearing House drawing.
Ray Sammons, 75, said he began to get calls Wednesday from someone saying they represented the Publisher’s Clearing House company and that he had indeed been selected to receive $750,000 in prize winnings — but there was a catch. He needed to send $500 for the process to be put into motion so the company could then send him the winnings.
“I talked with the man several times. I thought he was calling from Washington, D.C.,” said Sammons. “After I found out I had been scammed, I called the Publisher’s Clearing House and they told me that never call or send a letter telling someone they have won. They only show up at your door. If you are the real winner, they said, they will surprise you with a visit.”
The man said he was also told that the company “never” asks a winner to send any money for any reason.
“I fell for it. I admit it,” Sammons said, adding he wanted to alert everyone not to respond and to be careful about providing money or information to anyone over the phone.