Waycross Police Chief Tommy Cox (left) and Major Chris Tatum (right) congratulate Cathryn Graham (bow in hair) and Cecelia Romero (next to Cathyrn) on being brave and thoughtful in saving the life of a toddler who had walked out into street traffic. They are joined by several family members during a ceremony held Wednesday.

On  a hot summer’s day during the first week of August, two young Waycross girls showed their maturity in ways no one expected and they have now been rewarded for their bravery and their acts of kindness.
The girls, Cathryn Graham, 12, and Cecelia Romero, 10, saw a toddler who had wandered away from her home walking in the middle of the street and they zipped into action to protect the child, said Waycross Police Chief Tommy Cox.
The girls were presented with the Waycross Police Department’s “Citizen’s Service Award” on Wednesday during a ceremony held at the WPD courtroom on Oak Street.
“These two girls were walking down the street when they saw this toddler in the roadway,” said Cox. “They took swift action and picked up the little girl and took her to a safe location where police were contacted.”
Cox said after a brief investigation, the child’s family was located she was returned to her relatives.
“She had wandered away, slipped away from home and was gone a few minutes,” said Cox. We wanted to recognize these two girls for the quick thinking and brave actions in protecting this child.”
Cox praised the girls’ actions and credited them with being the spark that possibly saved the child’s life.
“We couldn’t be prouder of these girls,” said Cox. “Their positive actions speak for maturity beyond their years.”