The Associated Press released a short news article saying the Department of Corrections had revealed scant details of Marquis Walker’s death. It was reported that Walker, who was from Augusta, was pronounced dead just before 11 a.m. Thursday.
The agency said investigators believe Walker died from injuries suffered in a fight with another inmate. His death is being investigated as a homicide.
A friend of the family telephoned the Journal-Herald Friday morning about the case.
The family friend said that “Quis” was 20 years old. The woman initially reported that a corrections officer had killed Walker, but subsequently she said she had learned it was at the hand of another inmate that he had died.
Walker was sentenced in 2016 on burglary and forgery charges in Richmond County. His maximum release date was 2030.
Local volunteers associated with the Kairos Christian prison ministry have said that gang violence at the facility is rampant and that inmates are routinely injured in fights.
Prison officials previously announced three apparent suicides in the past week: one at Georgia State Prison in Reidsville Wednesday, one at Wilcox State Prison on Monday and one at Pulaski State Prison on Sunday.
In the past, some incidents such as slayings at the prison at Waycross have gone unreported, however in this instance the news was disseminated in a timely way.
At other previous times, local media has been kept in the dark and reporters quests to gain information have been met with stonewalling. But on Friday, state corrections staff was forthcoming to comply with media requests, a state DOC spokesperson in Atlanta returning Journal-Herald phone calls seeking comment.
Last October, an inmate was killed by another at Ware State Prison and efforts to gain information were rebuffed for weeks.