A Virginia man has been charged with felony financial identity fraud after he altered a Ware County Commission check from its original amount of $1.80 to $1,985.65, said Ware County Sheriff Capt. Neil Skerratt.
Alvin Conly Cashion, 47, of Manakin Sabot, Va., was taken into custody in Virginia on a warrant on a separate charge.
Skerratt said he will be brought to Ware County to face the charges.
It’s not known how Cashion came to possess the check, which was made out to Herrin Business Products of Waycross, said Anna Lane, Ware County clerk. Lane said the check was stolen from a mail collection box at the Ware County Post Office.
She said the bank absorbed the loss, taking the taxpayers off the hook.
“On Friday, Jan. 12, a Ware County Commission Office employee reported that a mailed check that had been originally made out for $1.80 had been altered and passed for the larger amount of $1,985.65,” said Skerratt. “A suspect was developed and a detective was assigned to the case.”
Detective Clay Carter confirmed through his investigation that the check was cashed in Bluffton, S.C., on Oct. 5, 2017.
“Detective Carter obtained a driver’s license photograph of the suspect, then compared the driver’s license photo to the bank surveillance footage for the date and time of the check’s passing in South Carolina,” said Skerratt. “It was determined that the person in the surveillance video matched that of the driver’s license photo graph.”
Carter obtained a warrant on Tuesday to charge Cashion with felony financial identity fraud.
Skerratt said additional investigation revealed that Cashion is incarcerated in the Middle River Regional Jail in Staunton, Va. Ware sheriff’s staff placed a hold on Cashion on Wednesday.
“It is expected that Cashion will be extradited back to Ware County to face the felony arrest warrant and then attend a first appearance hearing,” said Skerratt.