A Waycross woman was “quick on her feet” recently and thusly averted a telephone scam attempt. Now she wants to warn others about the “Verizon scam” which is making the rounds.
“The caller claims to represent Verizon and advises you to press 1 or to press 2,” she said, “to avoid a threat to your account. But do not press either!”
She said she and her husband both got the same call to their cell phones within seconds of each other.
“Something told me, ‘no, this sounds fishy,’ so I told him. ‘don’t do it!’ He was ready to press option 1. I hung up and called Verizon customer service and they told me that, yes, this is a current scam and by pressing either 1 or 2 makes your account vulnerable to the phone caller.”
She said the scam attempt “sounds so routine and real and sensible.” She figures, “a lot of people could fall for this one.”
Instead, she said, hang up and call local law enforcement.