A black male and a black female entered a business in the 2200 block of Memorial Drive Thursday around noon with the pretense of making a purchase and robbed the business while the clerk was helping the man, said Waycross Police Capt. Tommy Cox.
“The black male pretended to make a purchase and actually threw the money at the clerk instead of handing it to her,” Cox said. “The money fell onto the floor behind the counter.”
Cox said the man then went behind the counter to help the clerk pick up the money and while they were on their knees, the woman who entered the store with him grabbed a handful of money from the cash register.
“However, somebody in the store spotted them and realized what was going on,” Cox said. “After she realized she’d been caught, she dropped the money and both of them fled the store.”
Anyone who was in the area at the time of the robbery and witnessed the incident is asked to call Waycross Police Department detectives at 287-2929.
“We are investigating this as a robbery and we need to find the two,” Cox said.