Waycross police are investigating reports of two home invasions, one Tuesday night, the other early this morning, said Waycross Police Capt. Hilton Boyett.
In both instances, a person inside the house was slightly injured by intruders, Boyett said.
At 1:30 this morning, police were summoned to the 1300 block of Roosevelt Street where a victim reported that three men broke into his home, one flashing a small caliber handgun, said Boyett said.
The occupant of the house was struck in the eye with the barrel of the gun and the three men attempted to tie the man up, he said.
“They made him lie on the floor while they searched his house,” Boyett said. “The man said they took $700 in cash and some marijuana before leaving the house.”
In the other case, at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday a resident in the 1200 block of Martin Luther King Drive told police someone knocked at her door and as she opened it a man pushed past her and entered the house, making comments about the woman’s daughter.
Boyett said the man struck the woman on the right cheek with his fist as the daughter came out of a bedroom to see investigate the commotion.
The woman said the man then took a brown and gold pocket knife and started jabbing it at the mother, Boyett said, though he did not inflict injury.
Eventually he left the residence, got on his bicycle and rode away.
Both cases are under investigation, Boyett said.