Joshua Kelly, 25, of Waynesville, was ejected from his Mazda Protege when it overturned, said Thrift, landing 20 feet from the vehicle. He was taken by Brantley County ambulance to Memorial Satilla Health in Waycross for treatment of his injuries.
Thrift said a passenger in the second vehicle, Michael Jewett, 41, of Waycross, complained of minor injury but was not transported.
Garrett Jewett, 18, of Waycross, driving a GMC Sierra pickup truck, was westbound on Central Avenue when he and his passenger observed Kelly’s car run off the road and spin out of control. Thrift said the car, which was headed east, rotated counterclockwise and the driver over-corrected. The car again rotated counterclockwise and entered the westbound lane, striking the Jewett truck.
The Kelly car then began to overturn for 25 feet and continued to overturn for another 47 feet, at which time the driver was thrown out, Thrift said.
“The Jewett fellow saw what was happening and pulled onto the shoulder of the road but still got hit,” said Thrift. “He said the Kelly car was sliding sideways toward them.”
Trooper Jerry Taylor investigated the 10:02 p.m. accident. His official report has not been completed, Thrift said.