HOMERVILLE — Three people were arrested Wednesday night when Clinch County law enforcement officials executed a search warrant at a house on Leland Smith Road and seized a fully operational meth lab, said Clinch County Investigator Crystal Lloyd.
Tony Daniel Herrin, 40, Sheila Renee Davis, 45, and Dewayne Herrin, 52, all of 551 Leland Smith Road, were taken into custody and all three are charged with manufacture of methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine, said Lloyd. The arrests and the seizure are a result of a lengthy undercover investigation.
Lloyd said lawmen arrived at the house about 10:30 p.m. with a search warrant and found the three had “just started” cooking up a batch of methamphetamine. The lab and all of the utensils and ingredients involved were seized, along with a golf cart.
Assisting Clinch lawmen were Georgia Department of Corrections K-9 officers Trey Bass and Matt Gourley, of Waycross.
“We were acting on information we had gained and executed the search warrant at the house,” said Lloyd. “We waited until after dark so we would not be detected.”
All three were being held in the Clinch County jail, said Lloyd, who was lead investigator for the case.