BLACKSHEAR — Three men charged with armed robbery at different stores in Pierce County in recent months entered guilty pleas in Pierce County Superior Court Monday and were sentenced by Judge Jeffrey Kight, said Pierce County Sheriff Ramsey Bennett.
Bobby Lester pleaded guilty to two counts of armed robbery, Bennett said. He was sentenced to 10 years on each count.
His co-conspirators, Devantre Myers and Denzel Lewis, also entered guilty pleas and each was sentenced to 10 years in prison, said Bennett.
“We were in court with the jurors called, anticipating trying the armed robbery case,” said Bennett. “Knowing the jurors were present, Bobby Lester pleaded guilty to two counts of armed robbery.”
Bennett said the co-defendants also decided to enter pleas to “robbery by intimidation and each one of them received a 10-year sentence,” said Bennett.
Lester was charged with the armed robbery of Flash Foods No. 191 at Ware Street and Highway 84 where he entered the store late at night and robbed the clerk at gunpoint, Bennett said.
The second armed robbery charge involved an older gentleman that Lester beat up and took his money at gunpoint, said Bennett.
“It is a good in the county when criminals are prosecuted and receive their just reward,” said Bennett. “I always feel good when we are able to prosecute someone who has violated the law and they get the punishment that society says they deserve.”
Bennett said it gives him a “great deal of satisfaction knowing that in some small way, justice has been done.”
Assistant District Attorney Melanie Brogden was in charge of prosecuting the case for the state.