Georgia State Patrol Sgt. T.E. Thrift, Waycross post commander, this month is addressing the issue of texting while driving a car, an activity that is not only illegal but is extremely dangerous:

Texting while driving is addressed in the Georgia Code, Title 40-6-241.2
Writing, sending or reading a text-based communication while operating a private motor vehicle is prohibited. There are other prohibited uses of wireless telecommunication devices by drivers of commercial vehicles (with exceptions) and they carry penalties for the violations.
(a) As used in this Code section, the term “wireless telecommunications device” means a cellular telephone, a text messaging device, a personal digital assistant, a stand alone computer or any other substantially similar wireless device that is used to initiate or receive a wireless communication with another person.
It does not include citizens band radios, citizens band radio hybrids, commercial two-way radio communication devices, subscription based emergency communications, in-vehicle security, navigation devices and remote diagnostics systems, or amateur or ham radio devices.
(b) (1) No person who is 18 years of age or older or who has a Class C license shall operate a motor vehicle on any public road or highway of this state while using a wireless telecommunications device to write, send or read any text based communication, including but not limited to a text message, instant message, e-mail, or Internet data.
(2) No person shall operate a commercial motor vehicle on any public road or highway of this state while:
(A) Holding a wireless telecommunications device to conduct a voice communication;
(B) Using more than a single button on a wireless telecommunications device to initiate or terminate a voice communication; or
(C) Reaching for a wireless telecommunications device in such a manner that requires the driver to maneuver so that he or she is no longer in a seated driving position properly restrained by a safety belt.
— Sgt. T.E. Thrift

Anyone needing more information may contact Thrift at the Waycross GSP post on Memorial Drive.