WOODBINE — A Ware County High School teacher and part-time Pierce County deputy has been arrested by the Camden County Sheriff’s Department on allegations he had inappropriate sexual contact with a 16-year-old Camden County boy Tuesday at a park in Woodbine.
Tracy Wayne Crosby, 42, of Highland Drive, Waycross, was arrested Wednesday and was in the Camden County jail.
Suspicious, the teen’s mother found Crosby and her son engaged in an act of sodomy at Waterfront Park on the St. Marys River and alerted authorities, according to a press release from the Camden County sheriff’s office.
Crosby previously worked as an officer with the Waycross Police Department and the Ware County Sheriff’s Department and was working for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department until news broke about his arrest Wednesday.
Waycross and Ware have launched a joint local investigation aimed at discovering whether Crosby has in the past victimized local youth.
It is not known what courses or grade levels Crosby teaches at Ware High. Ware County schools superintendent Jim LeBrun, who placed Crosby on administrative leave, announced Thursday that the school district is cooperating with those investigating the allegations.
Camden deputies were dispatched to Woodbine’s Waterfront Park regarding an incident involving a juvenile, according to the release from Camden County Officer Larry Bruce.
Deputies met the mother of the 16-year-old who explained that her son had left their residence and would not tell her where he was going. Investigating, she learned the boy was picked up at an unspecified location by Crosby, who then drove the juvenile to Waterfront Park, the Camden authorities said.
The boy’s mother spotted Crosby’s vehicle at the park and discovered Crosby having sex with her son, the release noted.
“Deputies called for investigators to come to the scene and upon further investigation it was determined that Crosby had solicited the juvenile for an act of sodomy,” Camden officers said.
The case is still an active investigation and further charges may be pending, officials said.
Pierce Sheriff Ramsey Bennett said Thursday that Crosby, who was a part-time deputy on his staff, was relieved of his duties there at 5 a.m. Wednesday after he learned of the incident.
LeBrun issued the following statement: “A Ware County School System teacher has been placed on administrative leave based on allegations of inappropriate conduct. The school district is fully cooperating with all law enforcement agencies and the Professional Standards Commission. No further information will be available until the police investigation and the district investigation have been completed.”
Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal and Waycross Police Chief Tony Tanner released a joint statement Thursday evening taking special note that they are hopeful that there are no victims in Waycross-Ware, adding they will be investigating fully:
“On Tuesday, Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal was contacted by Camden County law enforcement officials and informed that a Ware County teacher named Tracy Wayne Crosby, 42 years old, of the 900 block of Highland Drive in Ware County, had been found in the company of a 16-year-old male juvenile and had apparently engaged in inappropriate activity with him.
“It was also known to Waycross-Ware County law enforcement that Crosby was a part-time peace officer with a nearby jurisdiction (Pierce County).
“The Ware County Sheriff’s Office and Waycross Police Department are jointly taking investigative action to learn more about Crosby’s activity in Ware County. While both agencies remain hopeful that no victims exist in Ware County, both agencies are prepared for such eventuality.”
Royal said no further information will be released until all avenues have been exhausted and the investigation has been completed.