BLACKSHEAR — A man who lawmen say invaded a peaceful Patterson home on Doris Road Sunday evening and killed an elderly woman and left her husband for dead and then tried to burn down their house to cover up the crimes, was arrested without incident Monday about 5 p.m. by Long County lawmen, said Pierce County Sheriff Ramsey Bennett.
Byron Kenneth Jernigan, 48, was taken into custody by the officers. Bennett said he has been returned to Pierce County and is being held in the Pierce County jail charged with the crimes that occurred shortly after dark Sunday.
Jernigan is charged with felony murder, home invasion, armed robbery and arson, said Bennett.
Bennett said the male victim, Dan Hollmon, remains in critical condition in an out-of-town hospital.
“The coroner has not confirmed the cause of death of Flora Hollmon,” Bennett said. He would not confirm or deny what kind of weapon was used.
Dan and Flora Hollmon have been residents of the same Pierce County community for several years and were highly regarded by their friends and neighbors as “good people” who were always willing to help a friend in need.
A relative of the couple, Ariane Howard, told news sources that neither was able to get around well and that Dan Hollmon was using a wheelchair. They were faithful, church-going folks who were loved and respected, Howard said.
Pierce County officials are continuing the investigation.
Jernigan was to be taken before a magistrate some time today for a first appearance, Bennett said, but he did not know the time of the court proceeding.