For several hours from Friday afternoon way into the evening, U.S. Highway 84 between Waycross and Blackshear was closed to traffic while lawmen handled a crisis situation: a man with a gun locked himself inside a residence and was threatening suicide, said Pierce County Sheriff Ramsey Bennett.
Donald Guthrie, who had argued with his girlfriend and fired shots into the air, was taken into custody about midnight after the standoff was resolved by members of the Waycross Special Weapons and Tactics Team, said Bennett.
“We got a call about 4:15 p.m. that the man and his girlfriend were in conversation at 310 Highway 84 and that shots had been fired,” said Bennett.
The girlfriend told lawmen he and she were arguing when he fired two or three times into the air, then went into the house and locked the door, said Bennett.
“We could not get him to respond to us. We tried for about two hours with no response and at that time we called the Waycross Police Department and their SWAT Team came over. They negotiated with him for about two hours with no response and then they took action,” said Bennett. “We closed down the road after the SWAT Team arrived because we didn’t want anyone passing by to be involved, should anything happen.”
Traffic was halted between the Lairsey Crossing and Bowen Road. Highway 84 was reopened as soon as the man was taken into custody.
“We took him into custody about midnight,” said Bennett. “The night ended peacefully once he was in custody.”
Bennett said Guthrie posted a conditional $10,000 bond Sunday night and was released from jail.
He is charged with obstruction, reckless conduct, terroristic threats and acts and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, said Bennett.
“Thankfully, nobody was injured,” said Bennett.