NAHUNTA — A Brantley County man is in a hospital in Brunswick recovering from a stab wound and his assailant is in the Brantley County jail charged with aggravated assault after they fought Monday night at a house on Hightower Road, off of Joe Knox Road, near Hickox, said Brantley County Sheriff Jack Whisenant.
Justin Lowe, 31, was arrested after Ware State Prison canines that were brought to the scene tracked him from the house, said Whisenant. He is in the Brantley County jail charged with one count of aggravated assault.
During the fight, Chase Hamil was stabbed in the chest, though his wound is not thought to be life-threatening, Whisenant said.
Whisenant said Lowe was at Hamil’s house and began to “create a disturbance … cussing everyone. He was told to leave more than once.”
Hamil and Lowe began fighting, said the sheriff.
“Initially, officials thought the stabbed man was hurt really bad,” Whisenant said, “but once he arrived at the hospital and was examined his injuries were not thought to be serious. I got a call and went out there between 11 and midnight.”