By MYRA THRIFT, Staff Writer
PATTERSON — One teen is dead, another is in a Jacksonville hospital and a third is in jail after a shooting Sunday night at the intersection of Tyre Bridge Road and Lucas Street in Patterson, said Pierce County Sheriff Ramsey Bennett.
“Between 9 and 9:30 Sunday night, there was a shooting in the public park at that intersection that left one male dead and another in a hospital (being treated for a gunshot wound). We arrested the third male and he is in jail,” Bennett said.
Both of the victims were 16 years old, he said.
“Robert James Evans, 17, of Patterson, has been arrested and charged with the shooting of two male juveniles, one of whom died,” Bennett said.
“My detectives interviewed the one in the hospital Monday afternoon,” said Bennett. “It appears that his wounds may not be life-threatening and he will probably be OK. We’re not ready to release the names of the two juvenile victims yet but as soon as we serve the warrant on Mr. Evans later today, we will be ready to name them.”
Bennett did not say what led to the incident or if the three teenagers were related or connected in any way. The Sheriff said he is discouraged that the incident occurred, given the young ages in particular.
“It gets worse every year,” said Bennett.