HOMERVILLE — It’s been two full weeks since Jacob DeWitt Conner, 31, a logger was reported missing from a job site and the search through wet swamps and thick woods for any sign of him is continuing daily, said a spokesman for the Clinch County Sheriff’s Department.
“They still have not found anything through searching yesterday,” the spokesman said this morning. “They are already back out there this morning, but with the storm coming in I don’t know how long they will be out there. The area they are searching is very swampy. You can be ankle-deep in mud and first thing you know, you’re nearly up to your waist.”
Clinch County Sheriff Raymond Peterson, who took office Jan. 1, “remains hopeful that Conner will be found alive,” the spokesman said, “but with each passing day it looks worse for him. They have not found anything, no clothes, no shoes, only a cell phone on the tractor.”
Conner was reported missing Feb. 1 while on a logging job between Homerville and Fargo. Peterson has said foul play is suspected in his disappearance. He declined to elaborate.
Conner is described as a white man, 6 feet tall, weighing about 250 pounds.
Peterson asks that anyone with information call his office at 487-5316, or call 911, or telephone the GBI, (912) 389-4103, at its office in Douglas.