Man Runs Into Nearby Store, Tries To Hide In Clothes Two people wanted in other counties in south Georgia were arrested Thursday night after Ware County Deputy Zabrae Williams made a traffic stop and one of them fled on foot into the Walmart store on Memorial Drive, said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal.
Customers in the store assisted the local authorities in locating the man who tried to hide under a rack of men’s clothing, Royal said.
Kenneth Dewayne Stone, 33, of Ramblewood Drive, Valdosta, a passenger in the car, was taken into custody and charged with obstruction of law enforcement officers and giving a false name, said Royal.
He is wanted on a warrant in Lowndes County for unspecified charges, the sheriff said.
The driver of the vehicle that was stopped near Payless Shoes, Samantha Kaye Stone, 35, of Ramblewood Drive, Valdosta, was also taken into custody on traffic charges and on a warrant from Coffee County, said the sheriff.
Royal said the charges were listed as shoplifting and probation violation on the Coffee County warrant.
Also inside the car, a Chevrolet Impala, was a 3-year-old child, Royal said. The little girl, a daughter of Samantha Stone, was turned over to relatives who picked her up at the scene of the 11 p.m. traffic stop.
After Deputy Craig Colley, a Waycross police unit and a Georgia State Patrol trooper arrived at the scene, Kenneth Stone jumped out of the car, ran through a couple of parking lots and sprinted into the Walmart store to try to avoid being apprehended.
“Once inside the Walmart store, several customers came to help our personnel to locate him,” said Royal. “He was crouched under a rack of men’s clothing items. He was taken to the Ware County jail, and Lowndes County authorities were supposed to be coming to pick him up this morning.”
The traffic stop was made initially because of no tag light and no tail lights on the Impala, said Royal.
Kenneth Dewayne Stone initially gave lawmen a false name and false date of birth, said Royal.