Salus Telehealth and VideoMedicine announced today that they’ve merged to form a new company — Salus Telehealth, Inc.
Together, they will be a premier, full service telehealth company that offers comprehensive telemedicine device and software solutions, including a direct to consumer healthcare application.
“Salus Telehealth will bring opportunities to employ 50-100 people over the next two years. Telemedicine is reshaping healthcare and the successes by the Salus leadership team in growing telemedicine across the country from right here from Waycross, GA are proven,” said Paula Guy, CEO.
“Telemedicine is redefining healthcare,” said Dr. Jeffery Kelser, chief operating officer of Salus Telehealth.
According to the Ware County Chamber of Commerce, small business development is crucial to the success of economic development in Waycross and Ware County.
The merger allows for growth at a much faster pace and will bring a training center to Waycross that will not only bring jobs but will be utilizing local hotels and restaurants for the trainees coming into Waycross.
“We are ready to turn the telehealth world on its head — whether in a hospital, clinic, rural medi-van, ambulance, pharmacy chain, corporate environment or home. Our new combined company will be able to provide innovative solutions to life-altering problems in a cost-effective way that would not be possible without the combination of these two companies,” said Dr. Charles Butler, chairman of the board.
“Our mission continues to be to enhance the quality of the patient — provider relationship and improve overall health outcomes with exceptional, compassionate service. VideoMedicine completes the Salus Telehealth offering,” said Guy.
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