Ware County Fire Department spokesmen are sounding an alert about dry weather conditions, brisk winds and dead vegetation, which have combined to create an increased fire risk. “We have been having a few small patchy fires, but with the heavy freezes we have had, all the vegetation is dead and brown and will ignite in a hurry,” said a spokesman for the department. “Once a fire gets a little out of hand, a windy day can really make bringing those fires — even small — under control.” In Ware County last weekend, the spokesman said, several small grass fires were reported but they were quickly outed. “It could be hazardous if a fire got away from someone with our current conditions,” the spokesman said. “Please ask everyone not to burn anything outdoors until we have some appreciable rainfall. We don’t want anyone to lose property in a fire or to be injured. A little precaution goes a long way in preventing fires.” The firefighters also urge everyone to keep fresh batteries in their smoke alarms, especially when heat sources are having to be used to keep houses warm, and if anyone does not have a smoke alarm to get one immediately. “Smoke alarms can save lives and it might be yours,” the spokesman said. “Let’s protect our families with working smoke alarms.”