Ware County detectives are investigating a report of an armed robbery and assault in the 9000 block of J.F. Gray Road in the northern part of the county that occurred about 8:30 p.m. Thursday, said Ware County Detective Lt. Neil Skerratt.
A man and his wife were eating supper in their J.F. Gray Road home when they saw a white box truck drive slowly past. Skerratt said the man told investigators he had become aware that someone had been stealing tools from his neighbor’s yard on more than one occasion so he got in his vehicle and followed the truck.
Skerratt said the man came upon two black males prowling on his neighbor’s property, and while they were under a storage shelter he approached them and asked them what they were doing.
One of the prowlers hit him in the cheek and nose, pushed him to the ground and emptied his pockets, taking some money and a set of keys, Skerratt said. The victim told officers he looked up and saw in the man’s hand a black pistol similar to a Glock.
Skerratt said the second prowler yelled, “let’s go,” and they left, tearing out at a high speed as they drove away.
One is described as about 5-foot-10, weighing 200 pounds, and the other is described as about 6 feet tall of average build, Skerratt said.
The case is under investigation. Skerratt said the beating injured the man but that he did not know if he required medical attention.