Outside burning refrain urged until arrival of a significant rain

Staff Writer
Ware County Fire Chief Dee Meadows is urging everyone to refrain from burning anything outside as long as the current dry conditions exist since the fire department has been extremely busy with fires lately in wooded areas and in the Waycross- Ware County Industrial Park.
“Conditions are extremely dry and critical, and we urge everyone not to burn,” said Meadows said Monday. “We’re powder dry and we’re in desperate need of some rain.”
On Saturday, May 29, a building at Carolina Skiff caught fire and caused significant damage to an outside structure, Meadows said.
The estimate of damage totaled somewhere between $250,000 to $400,000.
“If we hadn’t been so close it may have done more damage. It was actually contained to one building and never made it to the main structure,” Meadows said. “If we hadn’t been in the industrial park, it could have been a lot worse.
“Lt. Evan Dixon, Lt. Jason White and Captain Brian Varnadore did a phenomenal job of knocking it down.”
Meadows pointed out that in recent weeks, the fire department has responded to the industrial park for four major incidents — one at Enviva (formerly Georgia BioMass) for a conveyor belt, two at trailer plants and the one Saturday at Carolina Skiff.
“If we had not been able to bring them down quickly, we could have lost a lost of businesses that would have caused a lot of job loss,” said Meadows. “I just can’t say enough about the men at the fire department.
These guys work hard and they prevented a lot of job loss. I give them props because they are phenomenal. They never complain.
They just do their jobs.”
The weather over the last few days, Meadows said, has been brutal and conditions are extremely dry.

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