Law enforcement officials released the following information:
•Felony sexual battery: Ware County detectives are anticipating an arrest in a case of felony sexual battery on the north side of Waycross in the county’s jurisdiction on Wednesday morning; the incident involved an adult perpetrator and an underage victim; the case was assigned to a detective and a suspect has been identified.
•Theft by deception, scam: a woman was leaving a store in the 2400 block of Memorial Drive Wednesday when she was approached by an unknown female who gave the name of Joann Brown and a second unknown female who introduced herself as Regina Bell; both said they had recovered a box that had been dropped in the parking lot by a man and the box contained $50,000; they convinced her that once the money was cleared it would be theirs; they then talked her into driving to her bank and withdrawing a large amount of money in good faith to show she could provide for herself, which she allowed one of the women to hold; they then left the victim under the pretense that they were going to the bathroom, instead they fled with her $3,000; Waycross police are investigating.
•Vehicle burglary: a woman went to work in the 2200 block of Memorial Drive about 3 p.m. Tuesday and left her car parked there until 9:30 p.m.; once she re-entered the car, she noticed her wallet was missing from the console, along with a duffel bag from the back seat that contained her Acer laptop; also missing was about $30 and other cards and identification; the woman told police she has had a problem with the doors not locking properly when she uses the key fob; there was no sign of forced entry; Waycross police are investigating.
•Theft: about 30 pounds of pecans stolen in the 400 block of Union Street between 10 and 11 a.m. Wednesday; Ware County detectives have a suspect in the case.
•Theft: a container filled with pecans valued at about $20 reported stolen at a house in the 1400 block of Lamar Avenue around 1 p.m. Wednesday; Ware County detectives are investigating.