Law enforcement officials released the following information:
•Entering auto arrest: John Shannon Suggs, 44, of the 4500 block of Myers Lane; charged with entering an auto; he was arrested Friday afternoon at a convenience store on Carswell Avenue and South Augusta Avenue by Deputy Brian Newman; an investigation by Detective Missy Thrift of the incident which occurred Wednesday, led to a warrant being issued for his arrest; he was being held in the Ware County jail.
•Burglary: an HP laptop was reported stolen out of a house in the 2100 block of Illinois Avenue between Friday and Saturday; someone knocked a glass out of a back window for entry; nothing else was believed stolen; Ware County detectives are investigating.
•Theft: several tools including a 300-piece Bostic socket and wrench set, a 360 brand floor jack with two stands and an assortment of miscellaneous tools were reported stolen at a house in the 5700 block of Buckhorn Trail between Tuesday and Friday; the tools were stored in a shed behind a house there; Ware County detectives are investigating.
•Vehicle burglary: a $100 bill was stolen out of a car parked in the 300 block of Walter Street between 10 p.m. Thursday and 12 p.m. Friday; the doors were left unlocked and someone entered, taking the cash but leaving some credit cards untouched; Waycross police are investigating.