ALMA — Reports Tuesday night of shots being fired inside two separate houses in Alma put police on alert, said Alma Police Chief Michael Leslie.
Nobody was hit by the gunfire, he said.
“We learned that someone entered a house on West 7th Street and fired several shots,” he said. “Someone a little while later did the same thing at a house on West 19th Street.”
Leslie said police suspect the incidents are connected.
Officers responded to the calls within 45 minutes of one another, Leslie said.
“Officers located several spent casings from both scenes and believe the two incidents are connected,” said Leslie. “We believe the same weapon was used in both shootings. We just need to get our hands on that gun and get it tested.”
If anyone has any information pertaining to the shootings, they are asked to contact the Alma Police Department at 632-8751, the chief said.  Any information received will remain confidential, he said.
Meanwhile, in other crime news here, police chased a drug suspect through downtown Alma Tuesday night but the man managed to elude them.
Leslie said the man, identified as Glen Merrill, 52, of Alma, was at the home of a woman who did not want him there. When he refused to leave, she called 911, and when the officer arrived, Merrill took off on a bicycle.
“He used the darkness to elude the officer,” said Leslie. “He ditched his bicycle and a backpack which were both located.”
Leslie said the backpack contained several bags of marijuana and crystal methamphetamine.
Leslie said Merrill is still being sought and that warrants have been secured for his arrest.
“The APD has secured warrants for Merrill for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of methamphetamine, as well as obstruction of a law enforcement officer,” said Leslie.
“Merrill has a history with us for drug violations and running from law enforcement,” said the chief.
If anyone knows the whereabouts of Merrill they are asked to call the Alma Police Department at 632-8751 or call 911.