Waycross Police Chief Tony Tanner has a word of warning or two for the citizens of the community: (1) use plain common sense when you get unsolicited phone calls seeking or demanding money and (2) lock your vehicles and secure your valuables.
Telephone scammers will steal your money if you let your guard down and let your good, common sense lapse, he said.
“There have been a lot of IRS phone scam attempts reported lately,” Tanner said. “Just understand that, first of all, the IRS is not going to call you on the phone. And the IRS is not going to instruct you to purchase Green  Dot cards. All you need to do if you get such a call is hang up the phone.
“Also, con artists are able these days to manipulate the caller ID to make it appear that a phone call is originating from the Waycross Police Department. We have seen instances of that, and I have been informed that some have appeared as the Atlanta PD calling, as well.”
He said that the more the public becomes educated with regard to telephone scams the better off everyone will be.
“We have had a rash of entering autos lately,” Tanner further warned. “People are making the rounds, checking car doors to see if they can find one unlocked. The simple way to keep from getting ripped off is to lock you vehicle’s doors.”
He said thieves normally strike in the wee hours of the night when most folks are asleep.
Tanner also warned against leaving valuable property inside your car and in plain view.