BLACKSHEAR — State Court Judge Dan Bennett had a tough decision to make in connection with the vehicular homicide bench trial of Adrianna Davis, who was driving the car that collided head-on with another on a rural Pierce County Road three years ago, killing Savannah Curry. He weighed the circumstances over the past three weeks before rendering his decision Thursday afternoon in Pierce County State Court. Instead of sentencing Davis to at least a year in prison, which he could have done, Bennett issued a probated sentence of 12 months and ordered her to give 100 hours of community service and pay a fine of $1,000. Davis was tuning the radio in her car in April 2015 when it veered across the center line and struck another vehicle driven by Addie Carter head-on on St. John’s Church Road, killing Curry and severely injuring Davis and Carter. “My job is justice,” Bennett told those within hearing distance, adding that the decision has weighed on him since the hearing in Pierce County State Court a month ago. Davis, 20, works a fulltime job and takes care of her baby daughter. Bennett encouraged Davis to work hard and make sure she does not in any way violate her probation. “I believe this is the right decision and the best decision I can make,” said Bennett. Davis’s attorney, John R. Thigpen Sr., thanked the judge for “not sending her to the penitentiary” and said he believes there is no closure in a case such as this except the “closing of a casket and the closing of the case.” Thigpen had told the judge at the April hearing that this was “an unfortunate accident” and that Davis had admitted wrong and asked for forgiveness. Members of Curry’s family had asked the judge during the April hearing to “not let (Davis) go unpunished.” They were back in court Thursday to hear Bennett deliver the sentence.