The theft of about 50 pounds of pecans out of a yard on Frontier Drive was reported Thursday after the owners returned home and discovered someone had raked all of their leaves into piles and stole their annual pecan crop, said Ware County Sheriff’s Detective Neil Skerratt.
Deputy Ethan Murray responded to the call and took a report from the victim who said he was gone from home between 7:15 a.m. and 5:17 p.m. Thursday. When he arrived home from work, he found that all of his pecan crop was missing.
Skerratt said Murray spoke with a neighbor who reported seeing three black females with rakes in the yard and a Jeep parked at the location around noon.
“He said his yard was full of pecans and were covered with leaves. He also told the deputy he had not given anyone permission to be there or to take the pecans,” said Skerratt.
The victim said there was “at the very least, 50 pounds of pecans on the ground,” said Skerratt.
Ware County detectives are investigating the case.