The source of the offending smell, the American Egg Co. plant, would have 90 days to solve the issue and smother the odor, according to the committee’s recommendation, said Blackshear Police Chief Chris Wright, the chairman of the committee.
“Basically we are going to give them about three months to rectify the problem,” said Wright. “If is is not remedied, then we may ask the city council for civil relief against them.”
Wright said everybody who attended the Wednesday morning meeting at City Hall, mostly committee members, was receptive to working with the company.
“The plant manager (Jim Hull) was there about an hour, and the meeting was productive,” said Wright. “Our official stance is 90 days for correction and, if not, then we may approach the city council about getting some civil relief. This smell has been bad here for years. It is bad at my office this morning.”
A couple dozen citizens attended a city council meeting Monday to demand that something be done about the smell that permeates most of Blackshear. Larson appointed the committee, asking for a report by Nov. 8 when the council meets again. He promised that he would press for fines against the factory if the problem persists.
Wright said he has “as good a feeling as you can get” about a solution after smelling the stench, off and on, for so many years. He said Hull and the egg-cracking plant are passionate about a solution.
“They have already started taking steps to make a change,” said Wright. “So we will see.”
At the Monday work session of the city council, it was said that the problem at the plant is with faulty aeration motors.
In recent years, bad odors emanating from the plant have been an interrmittent problem, but the stench in recent days has been at a greater level than ever before, according to townspeople. Citizens report they are unable to go outdoors into their residential yards because the odor is overbearing. Some say the smell has permeated the inside of their homes.
Others on the citizen committee are Wes Bennett, Blackshear City Councilmen Keith Brooks and David Smith, Trey Pearson (of Tindall Enterprises) and Fire Chief Bucky Goble.
The next scheduled city council meeting is at 6 p.m. Tuesday. Wright is to report on the committee’s progress at that time.