A man on a bicycle was injured Tuesday morning when he was shot several times with a paintball gun, said Waycross Police Capt. Tommy Cox.
Cox said the bicyclist was struck at about 1:30 a.m. as he pedaled along Memorial Drive at its intersection with City Boulevard, the paintballs launched from a passing car.
Police were given a description of the car and a patrol officer soon pulled over a vehicle matching the description and arrested Joseph Lankford, 17, charging him with terroristic threats and acts, a felony, Cox said.
He said Lankford was booked at the Ware County jail.
“This bicyclist was assaulted and injured,” Cox said, “and it is not an isolated case. We have had reports recently of other cases of people in moving vehicles throwing or shooting objects at people.
“To throw any object at a moving vehicle is a felony crime and people who identify with such crimes will be charged accordingly. Any reports of such activity will be investigated as a felony.”