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Below are the last 9 days of obituaries as listed in our paper. These entries started to be listed in this way as of Jan 1, 2015, so you are able to go back to then. If you know the name of the loved one, and their entry was after Jan 1, 2015 you can use our site search facility to look for their entry. Once there, click the large date above their entry for more information of that days obituaries or click the READ MORE link directly below the list of names.

August 2, 2019

Sheila L. Johnson
Marguerite Highsmith
Edward Russell Jewell
Pete Lamar Cooper
Valerie Cooper-Mobley
Shirley Lee Davis
Lester Swift Sr.
Lucius Washington III
Sherman W. George

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August 1, 2019

Lorine J. Robinson
Valerie Cooper-Mobley
Lester Swift
Shirley Lee Davis
Shameal L. Finney
Russell Jewell
David Lee Whitley
Bruce Whitley

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July 29, 2019

Daniel Bruce Whitley
David Lee Whitley
Vivian E. Humphrey
Martha Smith Goodson
Rebecca R. Allgary
Robert ‘Robbie’ Harrell
Everett McQuaig

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July 26, 2019

Janice J. Greenway
Laura Mae White
Harold Eugene Jones
Valerie Cooper
Everett McQuaig
Shirley Davis

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July 25, 2019

Elder Viola M. Dean
Earl Russell Guss
Martha Nell S. Goodson
Marlin Henry Edgy
‘Donnie’ Harris
Evelyn Faye McDaniel
Jerri Adams

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July 24, 2019

Rosie Norell Danskin
Elouise Glaze
Guendell Farris Lee
Rebecca Renee Allgary
Robert Huey Driggers
‘Timmy’ Herrin
Bertha Mae C. Hickox

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