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Below are the last 6 weeks of obituaries as listed in our paper. These entries started to be listed in this way as of Jan 1, 2015, so you are able to go back to then. If you know the name of the loved one, and their entry was after Jan 1, 2015 you can use our site search facility to look for their entry. Once there, click the large date above their entry for more information of that days obituaries or click the READ MORE link directly below the list of names.

December 4, 2019

Katryna Brinkley Hayes
Sandra Thomas
Kate Rodgers Burke
Gary Eugene Page
Mary Ethel Cosby Inman
William ‘Bill’ Larry Rowland
Flora C. Harrell
Jennifer Carol Sanford
Calvin Vincent Neugent
Betty Ruth Bennett
John W. Dukes
Mary Evelyn Battle Hill
William Richard ‘Bill’ Davis

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November 27, 2019

Betty Ruth Bennett
Jason Ashley Bechiom
Wanda Robinson Lawrence
Wonice Virginia Pittman Crews
Mary Ruth Corley Allen
Ching Ping ‘Paul’ Tang
Hillery Vernon Fort Sr.
Richard ‘Dick’ Watson Sr.
Jean Esther Highsmith Ward
Ricky L. Kennedy
Dorothy Patricia Burse

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November 13, 2019

Robin Lynn Bechiom
Heather Lina-Faye Lee Rothfeldt
Claude Daniel ‘Danny’ Hendrix Jr.
Sina Lee Hickox
Julian Randolph Willis
Jimmy Buckley
Katie Kathleen Woods Hernandez

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November 6, 2019

Helen Culbreth Lane
Anthony “Tony” Laverne Cleland
Saralyn Perry Hancock
Larry Hugh Carter
Patsy Cox Hilton
Walter G. Lane
Agatha Vivian Walker
Constance ‘Connie’ Richardson Franklin

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