In a wreck that looked worse than it was, a woman and two children, ages about 3 and less than a year old, and two people in an SUV were spared serious injury Thursday afternoon as a pickup truck with a Florida tag and the sport utility vehicle collided at the four-way stop intersection of City Boulevard and Baltimore Avenue, said a spokesman for the Waycross Fire Department.
Waycross Fire Battalion Chief Jimmy Brown did not this morning have the names of the people involved, but he said that everyone was checked out at the scene by Ware County Emergency Medical Technicians and no one was transported to a medical facility to be treated.
“It was really concerning to us because when it was called out, they told us there were children involved and that always is scary. So we really hit it to get there,” Brown said. “When we arrived, someone had already helped get the people out of the vehicles.”
Brown said he thought one of the children in the truck was about 3 or 4 years old and the other was much younger, less than a year old.
Brown did not know how the accident occurred, whether one of the drivers ran the stop sign at a four-way stop intersection, or who was at fault.
“They were trying to figure that out while we were out there but there was no agreement when we left,” said Brown.
Capt. Tommy Cox and Waycross Police Chief Tony Tanner were on the scene helping to investigate the cause of the crash, as were Waycross Fire Lt. Justin Godwin, Randy Deen and Corey Mooneyhan, all of the Havanna Avenue fire station.
Waycross police had not completed their report this morning.