HOMERVILLE — A 12-person jury hearing the murder trial of Trevor Posley and Steven Monroe was on schedule to begin deliberating at 9 o’clock this morning after the defense and prosecution completed their cases Wednesday afternoon.
The attorney for Posley, John R. Thigpen Sr., said this morning the prosecution rested its case, the defense presented its case, attorneys gave closing arguments and the judge instructed the jury, all by Wednesday evening.
Posley and Monroe are on trial for the May 14, 2014 murder of Clay Cross, who was shot once in the head at the 912 Club. Lawmen said Cross was an innocent bystander, in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Monroe is being represented by an appointed public defense counselor.
“I put up my client, Posley, and one other witness and that was it for the defense,” said Thigpen. “My client did well, I thought.”
He said there is no way to know how long the jury will deliberate before rendering verdicts in the case, saying it could be some time today or it could take more than a day. Thigpen had predicted a two- to three-week testimony phase, but it took only three days to get to this point.
A third defendant in the case, Dexter Freeney, entered a guilty plea Saturday in Judge Dane Perkins’ chambers, thereby avoiding being tried. He was then sentenced to 15 years in prison and 30 years probation.
Freeney turned state’s witness and testified for the prosecution on Monday. He said the gun battle in the nightclub stemmed from an argument over a traffic accident that had happened on May 12, 2014.