A Waycross man was arrested Thursday on charges of issuing terroristic threats after it was discovered he made a video of himself announcing plans to take the life of an acquaintance, said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal.
“This case is so strong, I believe we may have been successful in stopping a murder,” Royal said.
Robert Paul Visicaro, 45, of Holly Ross Lane, was booked into the Ware County jail after being taken into custody during a targeted traffic stop, Royal said. He was denied bond during a first appearance at Ware County Magistrate Court this morning, said Royal.
Visicaro is charged with one felony count of making terroristic threats, said Royal.
“A video was intercepted by someone who remains anonymous and that person contacted the sheriff’s department,” said Royal, “asking that someone take a look at the video. It was determined that Visicaro had intentions of killing one of his family members and was very specific. It appeared to be highly credible.”
After opening an investigation, the sheriff’s department made attempts to locate the family member, a female, who was given safe haven within police protective custody to be held until it was determined that she would be safe, which she now is at this point, Royal said.
“We applied for an arrest warrant and learned that at 12:49 p.m. (Thursday) he went to an address on Plant Avenue looking for the woman, but she was not there. He left that location and while he was traveling in a vehicle, that vehicle was stopped and he was taken into custody without incident.”
Royal said the man was being held in the Ware County jail and had been denied bond.
Sgt. Robert Weekley, Sgt. Hope Salinas, Lt. Neil Skerratt and Capt. Travis McNease conducted the investigation and intercepted the man for arrest, Royal said.