A small fire broke out in the kitchen at Williams Heights Elementary School Monday morning but only minor damage was realized, said a school spokesman.
“It was completely contained and resulted in minimal damage,” said the spokesman. “It appears to be electrical in nature, and we lost an oven. A portable fire extinguisher was used to put out the fire.”
The fire was contained to one industrial oven as it started in that “specific wiring,” said Waycross Fire Chief David Eddins.
Damage was estimated at $18,000, Eddins said.
The Waycross Fire Department responded quickly, much to the school system’s appreciation, the spokesman said.
“All students were evacuated and were soon allowed to return to class. The health department responded and cleared the school to continue with meal preparation and serving,” the spokesman said.
“There was no structure damage as the fire was outed quickly,” said Eddins. “The folks at the school got the power cut quickly to halt the fire. We did remove smoke from the building and contacted the Ware County Health Department to check out the building.”
Eddins commended all of the school officials who worked quickly to get the fire contained and who reacted promptly to get the children out of the building.
“I was actually sitting at the light at Memorial Stadium when the alarm came at 9:43 so I turned and went right in,” said Eddins. “The others arrived quickly and worked to get the area cleaned up so the kitchen crew could begin working on lunch for those children. This was my first time being on scene and seeing how they get the children out and how smooth everything works. They practice this once a month and it paid off. The school officials did everything by the book and did it right.”
Battalion Chief Donnie Griffis was the ranking officer in charge of the fire suppression effort with three engine trucks and one ladder truck responding from the Waycross Fire Department.