FOLKSTON — A crystal meth ring whose members had been trafficking a rare, pure form of the drug through southeast Georgia has been dismantled by a multi-agency sting dubbed “Operation Energizer,” said Charlton County Sheriff Ernest “Dobie” Conner.
He held a special press conference at his office Monday morning to announce that the sting, which was conducted for 13 months, resulted in the indictment of 11 people for distributing or selling crystal meth.
Four of those, Conner said,  Norman Lloyd, of Charlton County, Kathy Meyer, of Charlton County, Tinia Rayos, of Nassau County, Fla., and Lena Davis, of Bacon County, have already pleaded guilty.
The other seven include Layton Thomas, of Charlton, Melinda Reeves, of Duval County, Fla., Michelle Ryder, Nassau, Marcelle Jenkins, Bacon, Leterell Jenkins, Bacon, George Jenkins, Bacon, and Shanique Morgan, Bacon, Conner said.
The operation began in 2015 after the main players in the drug ring were found to be located in Georgia and specifically in Bacon County, Conner said.
“Taffickers used Charlton County as a distribution point to get the drugs, which were a rare, 100 percent potency type of crystal meth, to other areas,” Conner said. “Our county was sort of the hub, you might say, of this operation. I think it was done here because of our proximity to the Florida state line, going into Jacksonville.”
Conner thanked everybody for the “extra hard work” that they put into the operation.
“Here in a rural county, it’s hard to get on top of these things,” Conner said.
Authorities said more arrests are anticipated.
Working together on the sting are law enforcement officials from Jacksonville, Baker County, Fla., Charlton County and Bacon County sheriff’s departments, as well as the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).