A man and a woman were arrested Saturday after they were found at the Jamestown Landing in possession of drugs and materials used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Two people were arrested Saturday after a Department of Natural Resources investigation of suspicious behavior at the Jamestown Landing led to the discovery of a meth operation, said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal.
Cpl. Jason Shipes, DNR, reported suspicious behavior by a man and a woman in a 1998 Chevrolet pickup truck parked at the landing and called for a deputy with a canine to respond. Sgt. Michael Ray arrived at 2:13 p.m. and deployed his dog who alerted to the presence of narcotics, the sheriff said.
A search of the vehicle console turned up a quantity of marijuana, he said. Royal said a piece of luggage in the back of the truck contained components used in the manufacture of methamphetamine along with a quantity of processed crystal methamphetamine.
Franky Lanier Hogg Jr., 39, of East Waring Street, and Melissa Carol Dixon, 33, of Jaguar Drive, Blackshear, were taken to the Ware County jail on charges of possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of methamphetamine and manufacture of methamphetamine, said Royal.
After arriving at the jail, Hogg was also found to have in his trousers some needles, a spoon and a plastic bag of crystal methamphetamine, said Royal.
The officers seized methamphetamine, lighter fluid, drain cleaner, a funnel, a plastic hose and other materials used to create the drug, he said.
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation meth lab division responded to the landing and disassembled all the components and neutralized the threat of the bio-hazardous materials, Royal said.
Sgt. Robert Weiss was in charge of the meth lab cleanup prior to the arrival of the GBI team and the collection of evidence, Royal said.