Something green and leafy was being delivered to Ware State Prison Wednesday, but it was not just cabbage.
Officers with the Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) were called to check out some smuggled contraband and found contraband ranging from marijuana to tobacco to cell phones stuffed inside cabbage heads within a shipment bound for the prison kitchen, said a spokesman with the Georgia Department of Corrections.
Other electronics — chargers and small headsets — were also found, hidden within the outer shell of the heads of cabbages, the spokesman said.
There was no information available as to how the contraband made its way into the shipment, however the smuggling of phones and phone equipment into prisons is not unusual.
Reports of smuggled phones being brought inside Ware State Prison or thrown over the fence have been made frequently over the years, as have news reports of attempts to smuggle marijuana into the facility.
In late December of 2016, 51 inmates and correctional officers were arrested at Autry State Prison in Pelham for a series of crimes related to phone scams being run out of the prison.