About 5 o’clock this morning, a perimeter patrol corrections officer at Ware State Prison spied a suspicious vehicle and a suspicious person outside the fence at the prison and contacted Ware County law enforcement officers.
A man who had thrown a package over the fence was quickly taken down and handcuffed, said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal.
Lafayette Santuan Reeves, 37, of Augusta, was apprehended by Sgt. Stanley Paul and booked into the Ware County jail on charges of encroachment of a guard line without permission, said Royal.
“The Department of Corrections investigators are en route to the prison to open and examine the contents of the package he tossed into the fenced area,” said Royal. “We do not know as yet what was inside.”
Royal said at the height of the incident, Warden Tom Gramiak arrived and supervised the takedown of the man.
“He is presently charged only with crossing a guard line without permission but further charges may be forthcoming after they discover the contents of the package,” said Royal.
Reeves remains in the Ware County jail.