HOMERVILLE — A Clinch County man escaped without injury after a spectacular one-vehicle traffic accident Friday when his Ford Ranger truck overturned while he was texting on his phone, said the Georgia State Patrol.
After the crash, Keith Griffis, 28, of Clinch County, with the help of a passer-by, righted the truck, and Griffis drove the truck with a flat front passenger side tire and a collapsed roof to a hunting club on private land, the GSP said. A deputy later located him there and took him into custody, said Trooper Adrien Jean.
A Clinch County Sheriff’s Department spokesman said Griffis has been charged with texting while driving, driving under the influence and a seatbelt violation.
Driving south on Georgia Highway 89, Griffis was texting and became distracted. Jean said he ran off the road onto the west shoulder and attempted to regain control. The truck crossed the southbound lanes and entered the northbound lane where the driver over-corrected, said Jean.
The truck then spun clockwise for 360 degrees back across the southbound lanes onto the west shoulder. Jean said the truck then overturned onto the driver’s side and finally onto the roof where it came to rest.
Jean said a passer-by stopped and helped Griffis push the truck back onto its wheels. Griffis then got into the truck and drove to Salt Road where he turned and then continued to a private hunting club road. He was tracked to the gate there where he was taken into custody, said Jean.
Trooper Ray Strickland investigated the 6 p.m. accident.