Waycross Police Capt. Benji Hersey, said
Christopher Hagan, 29, of Waycross, who was found hiding inside a citizen’s house, was arrested and charged with burglary and obstruction of an officer, Hersey said.
Officers approached Hagan, who was walking Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the 1100 block of Washington Avenue, Hersey said. Hagan fled on foot. (It was not immediately apparent why the police wanted to interact with Hagan or why Hagan ran from them.)
While the officers searched for Hagan, a Washington Avenue resident came out to offer them her help, Hersey said. She left her front door open with only the storm door closed.
When she returned to the house, the front door was closed and locked. She gave officers consent to search her house, Hersey said. Hagan was found in a bedroom and had changed into clothing belonging to someone who resides there.
He was arrested and taken to the Ware County jail.