Two Ware County deputies and a Ware County Emergency Medical Services technician who responded to an aggravated assault call in the 600 block of Linden Drive at 5:14 p.m. Thursday were attacked by a man there who had already badly injured a family member in an assault, said Ware County Sheriff’s Capt. Neil Skerratt.
Robert Lee Rollins III, 52, who told deputies that he was high on drugs, was taken to the hospital for examination and was admitted to Mayo under heavy guard, said Skerratt.
“There was some concern that he had ingested something and it was more for his protection than anything,” said Skerratt.
The family member was also hospitalized with significant injuries, Skerratt said.
First responders were dispatched to the Linden Drive home in reference to an assault that had occurred. Skerratt said a man in a wheelchair reported that Rollins threw him out of the chair and struck him several times with a table, which he then threw through a window.
Skerratt said Rollins was handcuffed and placed on the ground, but was able to head-butt two of the deputies and to injure a Ware County paramedic.
The paramedic was checked and treated for his injuries, as was the family member who had been attacked and had injuries on various parts of his body, Skerratt said.
The wheelchair-bound man told deputies that Rollins had just been released from prison in September.
Sgt. Robert Weekley and Cpl. Craig Colley responded and the man head-butted both of them, Skerratt said, and somehow attacked the paramedic and knocked him to the ground.
“After being handcuffed Rollins became aggressive and lunged toward Sgt. Weekley, trying to hit him in the face but Weekley was not injured,” Skerratt said. “He then tried to head-butt Cpl. Colley as well. Rollins remains under heavy guard at the hospital but is already charged with several crimes.”
Rollins is charged with aggravated assault family violence, obstruction, hindering medical technicians, exploitation of an elderly person, terroristic threats and acts, said Skerratt. Once out of the hospital, he will be booked into the Ware County jail.