Kay Godwin and Pat Tippett, long recognized for their Republican conservative leadership, are helping coordinate the effort across the south.
This time, however, Godwin says it will be a non-partisan event … everyone regardless of  political persuasion is invited.
“It is open to anyone who supports President Trump and his efforts to protect our nation from radical Islam, secure our borders, repeal Obamacare, defend our God-given liberties, and get Americans back to work so we can revitalize the economic strength of our nation,” said Godwin.
According to Breitbart, rallies are already being planned in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Washington State and Georgia.
Rather than the negative and often violent protests of hardcore progressive leftists who are against President Trump and his policy agenda, these events are intended to celebrate the spirit of America.
These rallies are organized by hard working Americans who understand what it means to work hard for a living and who love America, they are uniting together in the cause of patriotism.
“We all need to be part of rebuilding our country,” said Godwin. ”We hope this rally will play a large part in encouraging our new president and his administration. We applaud his efforts to end the destructive policies of the last eight years which have trampled our economy and religious liberties, ruined our children’s education with Common Core, forced us to lose our doctors while we pay ridiculous insurance premiums, burdensome regulations and taxes that have destroyed our business causing some to leave our country. It is time to make America great again, and we want to be part of the solution.”
The speakers for the event will include:
•Virginia Galloway,  regional director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition;
•D.A. King, president of  Dustin Inman Society;
•James Quarles, deputy insurance commissioner of Georgia;
•Brant Frost, Constitutional Conservative Grassroots activist;
•Jeanie Seaver, First Congressional District Trump Leader;
•Ricardo Davis, president of Georgia Right to Life;
•Lee Burton, retired U.S. Navy Seal;
•Senator Josh McKoon, strong advocate for religious liberty.
“We will also take this opportunity to honor our well deserved veterans, law enforcement and public safety personnel for their personal sacrifices for our communities and country,” said Godwin.
All citizens are invited to join the effort on Saturday, Feb. 25, 12:30 to 3 p.m., at the fairgrounds on Knight Avenue.
“We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors and friends in support of this great nation,” said Godwin.